Guidelines to apply for Mithr Scholarship.

Mithr Scholarships are offered to Plus 2 Students, Technical and Professional College Students, who have overcome the adversity of their family’s circumstances and showed excellence in their academic records until recently.

Procedure for Scholarship Application:

1. Application forms can be downloaded from our website. It can also be issued by the project co-ordinator either in person or on forwarding an email request.

2. The completed application form has to be submitted either directly to Mithr Project Coordinator or through email or registered post to the Mithr Foundation with a copy of all required documents mentioned in eligibility criterion.

3. Qualified students will be notified and scholarships will be given in instalments based on their academic performance and attitude.

4. Regular enquires will be made by the Project Co-ordinator to evaluate the progress of student and a record will be maintained in this regard for reference.

5. Student should maintain a minimum of 80% marks in all exams for availing continued benefits of Mithr Merit Scholarship Award.

6. The final decision for scholarship allotment and discontinuance will be made by the Mithr Team.

7. Mithr Merit scholarship should be used for educational purposes only (fees,books etc).

8. Mithr provide equal opportunities for all the deserving students, irrespective of caste,religion or gender.