About Mithr Scholarship.

Mithr Scholarships are offered to Students, who have overcome the adversity of their family’s circumstances and showed excellence in their academic records until recently.

Scholarship Programs.

Mithr Foundation Offers Scholarship at three different Levels:

1. School Education

2. College Education

3. Professional Course Education

Criteria for Selection :

In an academic year, students selected to each level will be benefited according to the custom tailored scholarship schemes. Following are the pre requisites for applying for Mithr Scholarship.

1. Minimum 80% Marks for Qualifying Examination and in previous academic records.

2. A letter from School/College as a proof of students' identification.

3. Family Income should be less than Rs. 10,000/ per month

4. Mithr application form.

General Instructions:

1. Once a student is selected, regular enquires will be made by the Project Co-ordinator to evaluate the progress of student and a record will be maintained in this regard for reference.

2. Student should maintain a minimum of 80% marks in all exams for availing continued benefits of Mithr Merit Scholarship Award.

3. The final decision for scholarship allotment and discontinuance will be made by the Mithr Team.

4. Mithr Merit scholarship should be used for educational purposes only (fees,books etc).

5. Mithr provide equal opportunities for all the deserving students, irrespective of caste,religion or gender.

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