Mithr Scholarship

REG. NO: 176/4/2015
We educate students by giving Mithr Merit scholarships and related support who have financial constraints

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Mithr scholarship for students in need!

Mithr aims to provide education scholarships for students who have financial constraints, enabling them to achieve success in their chosen path of life and career. Our vision is to provide students with financial and mental support to continue their education and climb up the ladder in life. Mithr Foundation is an association of like minded people who believe in contributing to student empowerment by providing an opportunity to pursue education according to merit. We believe this act is a part of our social commitment and responsibility.

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Team Leader

Sujith. E. S
Team Manager

Rahana Leo
Finance Manager

Leo Luvis
Student Councellor

Anju Thomas

Randeep Nath
Team Member

Reshma T.S
Team Member

Suraj N.S

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